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What is Marei Nursery?
Marei Nursery is an ambitious project undertook by Mr. Hassan S. Marei in Egypt to help bolster citrus production in the agricultural sector. The project focuses on the production of several varieties of citrus specifically. Plants are grown in a controlled environment to ensure the best quality. The plants are then sold in the market to local citrus farmers. The project itself is ambitious not only because it is one of the few that provides this kind of service quality in Egypt but also because of its ever expanding nature. Mr. Marei and his dedicated team are always seeking new ways of expanding the business further; undertaking a variety of ventures along the way.

When was it established?
Marei Nursery was established in 1998 as a small scale operation but it rapidly expanded. By 1999 the Nursery had already gone into its first year of production. Although the quantity itself was limited it did show positive results and therefore foreshadowed a fruitful future. Mr. Marei dedicated a lot of time collecting the best possible budwood from all over the world and from the best citrus producers. He has also travelled extensively on several trips to get further insight from experts around the globe and apply it at the Nursery. Furthermore he is a member of several local and international citrus professional organizations where he is an active participant. The Nursery is constantly being developed. Local and International experts are brought in to provide insight that Marei Nursery uses for its expension.

What is the goal of the Nursery?
The goal of the Nursery is to provide virus free and true-to-type trees to the customer. At Marei Nursery we ensure that the tree you get is one you want; and that it is virus free and strong. Furthermore we are committed to offer the best possible customer service during and after any plants have been ordered and delivered; all free of charge. For Marei Nursery we strictly adhere to the professional philosophy that the customer always comes first. In this way we hope to introduce a high quality product in the market.
History of the Orchard?
The Marei Orchard itself has its roots in history long before the Nursery was established. From generation to generation the Orchard has seen tremendous change. It is undergoing the biggest change under the auspices of Mr. Hassan S. Marei. The Orchard itself was started by Mr. Ahmed Marei, the grandfather of the current owner Mr. Hassan S. Marei, in 1935. Mr. Ahmed Marei, at the time bought a total of 430 feddan or 180 acres. It was during the ownership of his two sons, Mr. Sayed Marei and Mr. Marei Marei, that the Orchard was built up to become one of the leading citrus producers in Egypt. Now under the auspices of Mr. Hassan S. Marei another ambitious project is undertaken in the Orchard. Mr. Hassan took it upon himself to change the entire look of the Orchard bit by bit and to modernize it as much as possible. A majority of the land’s crops were uprooted and the land cultivated once again to plant citrus but in a more organized fashion. They were organized not only according to a proper layout but also according to specific varieties. New Irrigation systems including the drip irrigation were installed. It is yet to be seen if Mr. Hassan’s ambitions will be fulfilled in the future however, he is treading carefully taking it one step at a time in order to ensure a better future for the Orchard.