Oranges contain about 56% of their total weight in juice. Orange juice is about 88% water; grapefruit juice is about 90% water.
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Commercial Citrus Plants
At Marei Nursery we offer a variety of citrus plants for commercial orchards. We also offer a selection of different rootstock combinations to satisfy your particular needs. Over 160 varieties within the following families:  

Ornamental Citrus Plants
A new division within Marei Nursery offers citrus plants for the household or for landscaping purposes. A variety of colors and shapes to breathe life into any home or garden.
Budwood and Seeds
Marei Nursery is proud to offer budwood and rootstock seeds from its vast collection of varieties for sale to our clients.
Ornamental Palms and Trees
For a limited time and with highly competitive prices Marei Orchards offers a selection of ornamental landscape trees and palms