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Marei Nursery Software at the ISCN 2011 PDF Print E-mail

The rough version of the program was showcased at the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen in 2011 which took place in Tucuman, Argentina.  I am glad to say that it got a lot of positive feedback and was the subject of discussion at many times.  The feedback recieved from the conference was very useful for us and we have incorporated many aspects of it in the development of the program.  Please keep the feedback coming and we look forward to making a more public release of the program soon.

Marei Nursery Software Introduction PDF Print E-mail

The Marei Nursery software solution started as an idea to better manage the day to day workings of a typical nursery.  By in large most Citrus Nurseries and Nurseries in general work using a similar method.  It closely resembles a factory assembly line.  The process is developed by moving from stage to stage until your reach the final product.  With that in mind the program is developed in a very open ended way.  You start with a blank slate.  You build your Nursery in that space by creating houses which represent your greenhouses and storehouses.  You specify certain predefined parameters to each house such as overall capacity, container/material types, and various stages accepted.  You are also required to define your own stages of development as that differs from nursery to nursery.  This process of defining elements goes on to define all things pertinent in the nursery material, storage items, fertilizer, pesticide, containers, suppliers, customers, etc.  The program helps streamline the data entry to make it as less strenuous as possible for the user.  After the initial input of the information it then becomes much easier maintaining and updating the information.  After this is all done you are then ready to use the program itself to keep up with day to day operations which are carefully monitored using various tables to simplify the view for the user.  Again input is made very easily with a click of the mouse.  The data that is stored on the system has to adhere to certain predefined limitations and time constraints.  An Alerts system is inbuilt to notify the user when attention is needed to certain areas therefore making your work more efficient. The data is also used to provide statistical analysis and present it in a friendly printable report format that comes preformatted in the program.  This aspect makes it easier for users of the program to share reports that are similar to one another and therefore quicker to understand and comprehend.  Most importantly the program helps you track the individual movement of your product through various stages of development being able to keep track of it all the way and at the end being able to produce a detailed report of all what the product has undergone through its development.  This by far is the most exciting prospect to any Nurseryman.  Furthermore all this is done remotely from any computer that has a copy of the program as the database is saved on the company server and therefore maybe accessed from anywhere in the world.  The data is kept secure and there are strict access controls with various layers of access to prevent any data violation. My next posts in the Blog will focus on certain individual aspects of the program as it is being developed.

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Welcome to our Blog.  The Blog's main purpose is to discuss the progress on the upcoming Marei Nursery Management software solution that is currently being developed by us and is undergoing testing.  Please feel free to comment on any of the posts your feedback would be very helpful for us to create a universally capable software solution for nursery management.  The Blog will also be used to post updates on important information with regards to Marei Nursery and its contribution to the world of Citrus and Nursery Management solutions.