Oranges contain about 56% of their total weight in juice. Orange juice is about 88% water; grapefruit juice is about 90% water.
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Stage1 :Seeds
This stage consists of receiving the rootstock seeds, treating them, and then packing and cooling them. You can find more information about this whole process on the seeds section in the Nursery page of this website.
Stage 2: Plant in Tube
In this stage we take the treated rootstock seeds and we sow them directly into tubes. The tubes are then placed in a tray which is placed on a metal table above the ground. They are kept in a greenhouse with a controlled temperature and humidity. The whole process of actually planting the seed is also meticulously undertaken as the seeds are graded and any defects are discarded. The plants remain there for about 45 days and regular care is given to them. Constant grading of the plants is a task that must be done.
Stage 3: Production Plant
In this stage the plants are moved from the seedling sector to the production sector. Of course the plants are graded and any defects are once again discarded. This is the stage where care for the plant becomes an integral issue as suckers or offshoots begin to sprout and you must trim them regularly while also grading the plants regularly. The plants source of irrigation changes, each bag is fitted with a dripper of its own to ensure that each plant receives equal amount of water and fertigation.
Stage 3.5: Budding
This stage is not a separate stage on its own as it does not involve any plant movement. What happens though is that 90 days after transplanting in the production sector it the rootstock plant reaches a certain height where it becomes buddable. What that means is that now you can bud it with the variety of citrus that you desire. The budding process involves getting a budstick from a selected mother tree which we have in the nursery. After you have the budstick you just cut a budeye off of it and attach it to the plant (see picture below). Now you have a complete nursery plant. The Mother trees are all kept under virus free conditions and are all true to type, meaning that the trees are identical to the original mother plant.  
Stage 4: The Marei Plant ready for sale.
After the budding process is complete you wait for a period of 10-15 days and you cutback the rootstock to allow for the variety budded to thrive. You then grow the plant for a period of 6-7 months and your plant will be ready for sale as it would have reached a suitable height and size by then. Problems such as pot-bound roots and general plant deterioration do arise when the plants overstay pass those months and in order for you, the customer, to receive the top quality you need, it is absolutely necessary to pick them up on time.